Changing the Narrative on Clean Energy


Despite its marketplace popularity, economic benefits, and private sector entrepreneurial investment, many conservatives shied away from touting clean energy as a vital part of North Carolina’s energy mix. Conservatives for Clean Energy aimed to educate conservatives on the innovative aspects of a strong clean energy future and sought to make clean energy an issue promoted on the right.

Our Role

SPS has served as the consulting firm to Conservatives for Clean Energy North Carolina since 2014. During that time, SPS has played a vital role in helping conservatives become educated on the economic benefits of clean energy in North Carolina. Public opinion research, strategic consulting, earned media, grass tops education, and coalition building have all been employed in the effort to change the energy narrative.

The Result

SPS’s work has contributed to increasingly solid support for clean energy among conservative policymakers in North Carolina. Whether it’s a defeat of a proposed permanent wind energy ban, stopping Duke Energy’s proposed bill that would have permitted possible multi-year utility rate increases, or any number of other victories, clean energy has benefited from an improved energy issue environment.

“Paul Shumaker and Dee Stewart have been the strategists behind the new narrative of energy discussions in North Carolina. Their contacts, polling, and commitment to clean energy have enabled us to educate conservatives on the brighter economic future brought about by clean energy.”

- Mark B. Fleming
President & CEO, Conservatives for Clean Energy
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